boss gifts

Ode To Good Bosses

boss gifts


I’ve had some great comments on the designs I’ve made with bosses in mind, so last night I whipped up several that are pretty unique! Buying a gift for boss can be a tricky situation– you don’t want to be cheap, but you also don’t want to go overboard. Trying to avoid awkwardness is always an issue, too.

I made these designs with those kinds of problems in mind! A high-quality printable makes a great gift, even better when customized. These are gifts a supervisor or manager is likely to cherish in their office for years to come. But it gets even better…

I read a lot online about people who felt much too awkward or shy to approach their bosses with a gift, yet they really wanted to present them with one. This print below is one you can just leave on the bosses’ desk, and the whole team gets equal credit:

gift for boss

Kinda neat, right? Check out these cool gifts for your boss and more in my shop, and thanks for reading!




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